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Knutsford School of Humanities and Education (KSHE) is a new School established in September 2017. The School comprises four departments namely: Department of Economics and Political Science, Department of Psychology and Sociology and Department of Communication Studies. The departments offer a course that is designed to meet emerging demands for innovative skills in the increasingly diverse and job markets.

The School provides modern teaching and learning avenues such as state-of-the-art facilities, and very qualified and experienced lecturers.

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The overall goal of the programme is to provide broad-based education to the School of Humanities and Education (KSHE) students who will produce graduates equipped to apply best practices in Economics and Political Science, Psychology, and Sociology and Communication Studies.

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Top News - COVID-19 Planning and Preparedness

Knutsford is closely monitoring the developments of Coronavirus and following all approved containment protocols to ensure Coronavirus (COVID-19) free campus. Find out more on the Knutsford Covid-19 Live Updates page or Learn more at the Ghana Health Service page.

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