Department of Sociology and Psychology

Sociology and Psychology

Overview (Department of Sociology and Psychology)

Knutsford School of Humanities and Education (KSHE) is a new school established in September 2017. The school comprises four departments namely: Department of Economics and Political Science, Department of Psychology and Sociology and Department of Communication Studies. The departments offer a course that is designed to meet emerging demands for innovative skills in the increasingly diverse job markets.

The School provides modern teaching and learning avenues such as state-of-the-art facilities, and very qualified and experienced lecturers.


Department of Economics and Political Science

  • BSc Economics
  • BA Economics and Political Science

Department of Sociology and Psychology

  • BA Psychology and Sociology

Department of Communication Studies

  • BA Communication and Media Studies

Bachelor of Arts Psychology and Sociology (Yet to be accredited)


School Restoration in Focus
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School Restoration in Focus

Knutsford Announces Fall 2020 Restoration Plan Following Months-Long Campus Closures June 15, 2020  | 2 min read In ...